On July 30, 31, and Aug 1st our daily audios were on the importance of separating life from health and wellness. These audios were well received by our members and actually turned around some members thinking on how to approach success. They wanted to me save them, so I have, and am offering them to you to listen to if you’re interested.

These are our actual Daily Discussion Audios, so there’s stuff on them about our challenge winners and weigh ins as well.

Life vs Health 1

Life is constantly in flux. Sometimes its great and sometimes it is horrid. And the thing is that it can change in an instant. And while more often than not we have little control over how life treats us, we do have complete control over how we care for ourselves.  And until we are capable of caring for ourselves regardless of life, the weight is not going to stay off. So this week, participate. Let’s see if we can’t get everyone to cope with life and still maintain what’s needed for health and wellbeing.

Why is Life and Health so Different?

My question is why when throughout our lives we have bucked many things ingrained in us. Rebelled and chose our own way to do things, our own way to live. How can we sit back and believe that ingrained habits are too hard to beat? Listen to the audio. This subject was on my mind all last weekend. Even for those who believe the hurtful things they were told throughout their lives. We broke through so much in our lives. It is with that determination we have to work toward breaking our addictions and habits we have declared stronger than us, that we have declared are so deeply seated we can’t beat them. I say we can. I say we all have done it before in many different aspects of our lives.

Let’s look back at how we went against the grain. How we became without caring what others thought. How when others didn’t agree with the changes we made in our lives we still went ahead and did them. Maybe not always, but often enough for us to realize that when we truly want something we know how to do it and we don’t let others get in our way.

If we are honest with ourselves we have made many changes in our lives that were hard to do. We made them because we really wanted those changes. Now we have to put that same determination into RFBC and concentrating on health and wellbeing as that next big buck the crowd and ignore the ingrained self-doubts, habits and addictions.

Is it our purpose to give and give and ignore our own health?

Continuing our discussion of life and health and wellness, great responses in yesterday’s discussion. There was a theme I saw from many where the ingrained part to beat was the idea that it is her purpose to give and give and give and that the only reward is the pleasure of eating. Today we need to refute that.

Let’s talk about this idea that we can’t include ourselves in that list of who we care for and give to.

Let’s talk about food as the only true pleasure. Come on. There are lots of pleasures out there. What things will pleasure you more than food?

Let’s talk about the idea that our lives hold no true value compared to everyone else in our lives. If that’s been ingrained in you then it is truly time to rebel. I think this is the biggest manipulation our fat brain uses to keep us fat. Let’s break this one first. Call it for what it is. A lie to get to food.

How are you going to change your thinking so your health and wellness are on the same playing field with your job, your family, your dog!

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