Seth Hits 60 lbs Gone in 7 Weeks!

Wow, wow, wow! That’s all any of us camp can say about how fast Seth is losing the weight. Some of our women are for the first time in their lives wishing they were men to have such a fast metabolism. Seth eats more calories than the ladies and doubles up on the hemp seeds each day and still his fat suit is just falling off.

He took his kids by himself on vacation last week and was so excited to not have to worry if he was going to be kicked off amusement rides because of his weight. These are the things that make this journey such a great adventure. There is more to change than weight. There’s a big positive change in life as well.

Seth hit the 60 lbs on Monday, today, Friday he is at 66.6 lbs gone. So expect to see his 70 lbs gone early next week. Just amazing. Oh, and he feels great. The weight may be going super fast, but it is not draining him or causing him to question the benefits of the diet. He has more energy than before. You have to admit this is a pretty amazing transformation!


Seth has won our 50 lbs in 12 Weeks Challenge (He did it in 5 weeks)

Seth does our Rawk Starz diet with a minimum of 1.5 Hours of Walking a Day


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