Seth Wins 50 lb Challenge & Going for the 100 lb Challenge!

But wait, he didn’t just win the 50 lbs in 12 Weeks Challenge. He hit 50 lbs gone in 35 days. Now this is an all time RFBC Record.

Yes, men lose faster than women, but still this is phenomanal. He eats 1400 calories a day, follows our Rawk Starz Diet with a second helping of hemp each day. He walks 1.5 – 2 hours just about every day, and the fat suit is just melting away.

Seth has become such a strong member at camp. He is there daily. He works hard in both our discussion threads and our conversation threads. His honesty about how he is working the program and handling the fast weight loss just really hits home for so many. He isn’t shy about asking for advice or support. He is a valued member at camp. And all in just 35 days. Twice now he has had to travel and go out to working luncheons and other meals, and he has been on plan the whole time.

Okay, check out these before and afters. And be proud with us.


Seth does our Rawk Starz diet and does a minimum of 1.5 hours of walking a day.


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