Seth’s 40 lbs Gone in 3.5 Weeks! Yes, I said Weeks!

Seth is blowing our minds and not just with his weight loss. But the weight loss has been amazing. This is his first before and after because he lost his first 20 lbs so fat, by the time we talked photos he was already at 24 lbs gone, so I said, let’s wait for 30. He was traveling for business and when he came home he was at 38 lbs gone. So we waited for Wednesday and there was that 40 lbs gone. Amazing. I’m pretty sure this is a camp record.

His first set of B&As for this 40 lbs gone, he wore the shirt he was wearing in his start photos. I had to have him redo them because the shirt was so big on him!


Seth stands out among the men we have had at camp before. When he considered joining, he decided he was going to be all in and just follow our plan. He participates daily and has forged some great allies at camp. And he does our walking, watching his fat burn zone and gets it done. He is a joy to have at camp.

Seth does our Rawk Starz diet and 2 hours of walking a day.


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