Silvia Wins Our 50 lbs Gone in 12 Weeks Challenge

Except she did it in 7 Weeks!!

Silvia came to camp only 7 weeks ago and she has been a force. POP (Proudly On Plan) every day since she joined us with a minimum of swimming continuous laps 1 hour a day in RFBC’s 135-150 heart rate range.

Yesterday, I wrote to her that she shouldn’t be surprised if no one noticed her weight loss yet, as most, when they look at the obese only see the obesity and don’t notice changes until the obesity is gone completely. For me that was 63 lbs. I expected the same for her.

Then around midnight, my time, her photos came in and I was blown away. The amount of change to her body is so striking, I actually gasped! I was heading off to bed, but I couldn’t do it. I had to make her before and afters, get them to her (she’s from Germany and it was morning for her) and get them posted so RFBC members could see and be inspired by them as soon as they got to camp.

Silvia is a real champion at camp. Yesterday when we were talking about the struggle of being on a diet and all the excuses people use to get to their favorite foods, she wrote:

I don’t break plan. I’m committed, RFBC is the way to my new life, a life I should have been living the last 25 years, but I didn’t. Now I do, I am able to do because of the commitment and support I found here. 


50 lbs in 7 weeks is not a normal result at RFBC. Most 100 lb Challengers get it in 10-13 weeks.

You can see her weight loss slide show on our home page for Scroll down to the middle of the page, it’s on the right.

As a 50 lbs challenge winner, she will receive 4 free weeks of camp. On top of that because of our Spring Challenge, she is sure to hit the 60 lbs gone by June 1st and win 12 free weeks of camp.

She is set to win the 100 lbs in 7 month challenge too. That pretty much means she won’t be paying for membership ever again. Wow!


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