4 Months Access to Carlene Membership for the Cost of 3 plus the ability to earn 2 Free Months

4 Months Access to Carlene Membership for $387 that is a savings of $129

Reach 60 lbs gone in those 4 months and earn 2 more free months of Access to Carlene Membership and additional savings of $258
A total possible savings of $387 on 6 months of membership

Special June Offer: Win the 60 lb Challenge, then in those free 2 months, lose 20 more pounds for 80 lbs gone and win 2 more free months, that’s a total of 8 months for the cost of 3!

As with all our memberships, there are no refunds, rainchecks, transfer or hold on memberships. If you take this membership, be committed, there is no backing out.

PayPal offers payment options, but RFBC does not. 

Why am I offering this amazing deal? I want those who are truly committed and come do this with us. To hit 60 lbs gone in 4 months and win the 2 free months, you need to be committed to our Rawk Starz diet and get to 2 hours of walking a day within your first month. This is a great deal for 4 months of camp, but if you are truly committed to getting this done, go for the 6.

This is very much aligned to our Access to Carlene Membership.

To earn extra 2 months of membership, you must hit 60 lbs gone in 4 months, submit a form Carlene will give you for a journey page that will tell others of your journey and show your before and afters (head cut off unless you do the 100 lb challenge or offer to show your face).

That means you must submit before and afters and you need to do a verification video for the 60 lb challenge.

If you are a current member and wish to switch to this membership, let your current membership expire and start the application processes again to sign the new contract. Current members who have lost over 20 lbs, can win the free two months with 50 lbs gone in 4 months.

Access to Carlene

You get all the benefits of our RFBC Member membership and Access to Carlene

This membership gives you access to Carlene via various methods.
  • You can send her a personal message.
  • You can submit an I’m Struggling form and she will get back to you as soon as possible.
  • You can submit a Need Tweaking form and she will help you with your diet and exercise program.
  • You get first signup rights to any workshops she offers
  • You can will be held accountable by Carlene.
  • You will be part of our Weight Loss program and work with a special weight loss group with mandatory weigh-ins every MWF. Carlene will track your weight loss via the MWF weigh-in form.
  • You can join our Challenge program for fast weight loss with incentive chips and reward with prize money at the 100 lbs gone in 7 Months.

When you first join there will be some forms for you to fill out so Carlene can get to know you better and make sure you are getting the right support for your health change needs.

Personal Messaging with Carlene

We have a personal messaging program at RFBC. Those with the Access to Carlene membership can send her a PM whenever. This at times will be the slowest method to approach her as she has to be online to see these.

If Carlene wants to reach you, it will be through the Personal Message system, so check it every day.

I am Struggling Form

This is a form accessible via our Black Side menu. It goes to a special email account Carlene checks throughout the day. It is not an immediate response. Use the Hour by Hour Group or the War Within Forum for faster responses from RFBC members.

Need Tweaking Form

If your diet and exercise aren’t giving you the results you hoped for it may need tweaking. Fill out this form and Carlene will get back to you and the two of you will go through what your eating and what you are doing for exercise. We’ll compare that to the results you want and see where changes can be made.

First Signup Rights to Workshops

Throughout the year Carlene offers group-based workshops. Sometimes they are the On Your Own workshops brought into a group forum where we work through them together, sometimes they are one up workshops Carlene feels some need for extra stability and progress in their life changes. These workshops have limited participation usually set at 10 participants. Those with Access to Carlene membership will get first signup rights.

Optional – Add Accountability to your Program (no additional fees)

Accountability is mandatory for Genie Challenge members.

Optional – Join our Weight Loss Program (no additional fees)

Weighing in every MWF is mandatory for our Genie Challenge members.

To be in this program, you must maintain a food log and be able to present up to 7 days worth of food and exercise at Carlene’s request.

Optional – Take up our Weight Loss Challenges (no additional fees)

Important - Must Read
Exceptions to recurring Access to Carlene Membership:

  • Not eligible for 50 lb challenge.
  • If you win the 60 lbs in 4 months you are not eligible for the 75 lb Challenge


  • You must have 60+ lbs to lose
  • You must submit our Challenge form at the bottom of the Challenge Page.
  • You must submit start photos and present after photos at 25, 40, 50 and every 10 lbs after that.
  • You must submit a verification video.
  • You must join our weight loss program
  • You must do our Rawk Starz or Rawkinatory diet
  • You must do a minimum of 2 hours of walking in a 135-150 heart rate zone (you can work up to this your first month).

Those in this program will receive extra support from Carlene with a Daily Check-In form.

You will also be part of our Genie Challenger group where you will work daily with the other challengers beyond working in our daily discussions with all of RFBC.

You must be a Free Member and Logged In to Start Your Application to join our RFBC Member – Access to Carlene program’s Genie Challenge Membership

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