Tess Hits 40 lbs Gone!

Doesn’t she look great. I actually asked Tess to show her face because of how happy she looks. And beautiful, and healthy! Look at that side jawbone! She graciously agreed. Not to worry, I rarely ask people who aren’t doing the 100 lb challenge to do this. Tess is like family at camp, so I felt like it was okay. 

Tess’s story is a little different. She started with us in February, was doing well, but had some personal things come up so she dropped out of camp. She returned in September with most of her previous loss intact and is hitting it hard. She is doing our wholy rawkers diet with 45-60 minutes of walking a day, and lost 25 lbs in less than 8 weeks. 

For those who join our obese side of camp. Her honesty and drive is a major force in our weekly accountability conversation groups. She’s even been translating things into German and Norwegian for two of our overseas members! We’ll have to see what she does for one of our newest members from Nigeria!

Tess 40 lbs Gone Raw Food Diet Before and Afters

Okay, I’m a Tess fan, I admit it. Come join us and get to see why! 

Tess does our Wholy Rawkers Diet with 45-60 minutes of walking each day.



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