Three Qualify for our 100 lb in 7 Months Challenge

A2theSwarts – Karnet – Jaya Blue 40 lbs in 8/9 weeks!

This is beyond exciting. Three women who joined camp at roughly the same time have now qualified for our 100 lbs in 7 Months Challenge. I am beyond thrilled. All three of these ladies seem committed to the plan and what they will have to do to win the challenge. None have seen it too daunting. The three of them started mid May so come the middle of December, all three of these ladies will hit their 100 lbs gone and receive a $500 Visa card for doing it. Talk about timely! Time to look great for the holidays. The money is nice, but not anywhere’s near as nice as seeing the slim waistlines, feeling the sublime health, and slipping on that sleek holiday dress.

I am so excited. Here they are, all three in their 40 lbs Gone Before and Afters.

Already, you can see the big changes in their bodies. What I love most about these first collages where their faces show is the difference in their faces, especially, their smiles. (note: only 100 lb challengers are required to show their face in our before and afters)

A2theSwart in her 100 lb Challenge Debut!



Karnet in her 100 lb Challenge Debut!



JayaBlue in her 100 lb Challenge Debut!



These three women are working with Haley and HopeFlows as all five of them go after the challenge. Kace works with them as a mentor and model for how to get this challenge done!  Their next milestone is to win the 50 lbs gone in 12 weeks challenge.

To win the 50 and 100 lb challenges, it takes focus, determination, and honesty. Asking for support before they break plan is imperative if they want to win. Doing our Rawk Starz Diet, walking 2 hours a day, and participating at camp is the only way to achieve this great success.

Join me as we wish our 3 newest challengers all the best on their exciting journey. I can’t wait to show them off again come December as they collect their $500 and free time at camp. Hmm, I wonder how many of them own Barbie dresses!


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