TJsMom Qualifies for our 100 lb Challenge!

TJsMom is the first 100 lb Challenger for 2016. I am so excited!! She looks great. Okay, the after photos aren’t the best, but look at her face. She looks so much younger, her skin is awesome! Oh, and her body is shrinking by leaps and bounds. She looks amazing.


You’re seeing these photos at the same time as everyone at camp, so no quote from TJsMom, yet. She is excited though. She worked really hard for this. Her original start was hard and slower, but she got the fire and we set up a new deal, one she could do, but only if she worked her tail off. And oh, yeah, she did. Look at her.

Transformation. That is what we are about. To you, we hope to show you what is possible, even if you don’t choose RFBC, to change your life, find something that will work for you, something you will do, somewhere, some people who you can work with to not just rid yourself of the fat suit, but to rid yourself of the behaviors, ideas, misconceptions that put you in the fat suit to begin with.

Come join TJsMom and lose 100 lbs in 7 Months!! Darn, she looks good, doesn’t she??


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