Vickys Goal Photo

56.6 kg = 124.5 lbs


Vicky Reaches Goal with 43 lbs Gone!

She’s probably going to kill me for showing her scale photo. But here it is. Vicky started with us through a program over the holidays where I let in those with a BMI under 33 with the no-photo option. She has been a star at camp every since. I am beyond proud of her. She came to camp convinced it would not work for her, that nothing would work for her. She didn’t believe that even if it did work for her that she would follow through with it. And she never believed it would take her all the way to goal. 

I love getting to say, I told you so! 

She doesn’t have a before and after to share, but she sent me photos. She’s beautiful. Big blue/green eyes, dark hair, and slender. At 5’5″ and 124.5 lbs, she is perfect. 

We start maintenance today. Slowly. Did I say how proud I am of her? 


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