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Weight Loss Coach - Carlene's Obesity Before and AftersHi, I am Carlene, and I have been working as a weight loss coach since 2005. At first, I was just a woman who had lost a lot of weight with a raw food diet (based on the principals and guidelines of our Rawk Starz diet) trying to help others do the same, not someone bent on becoming a weight loss coach, but that has changed. I have learned so much about obesity and the war it wages on our souls. I have seen the struggle of so many, similar, yet different from my own. And while I have heard the cries and the fears, I have also heard the joys of breaking through fat brain addictions and lies. It has changed my life and now I am proud to say, that yes, I am a weight loss coach.

I know the truth now. It’s not the food. It’s not the exercise.  Oh sure, those things help, but in the end it takes perseverance. As a weight loss coach, it is my job to convince you to stay. To remind you of why you came to me in the first place. To get you to fight through all the lies you tell yourself, all the lies others have told you, and to bring you to a place where you can find peace with food. Not just for weight loss, but for life.

I started RFBC naive to the truths behind obesity!

In the beginning, I didn’t understand the role fear played in obesity. I didn’t know how powerful a shield the fat suit was and how it was used to prevent past horrors from happening again. I didn’t understand how people saw food as their best friend and even lover. In essence, I wasn’t a very good weight loss coach. I thought, I did it, now you do it. Simple, right. Well, I was wrong.

It took me years to really understand what was going on with us, all of us, and become the weight loss coach that I never thought possible. Now, I have to transfer that knowledge to you. Not so you will become a weight loss coach, but so you will see the reality of what it takes to break out of your fat suit and keep it off forever.

We must all face the reality that the only way to beat obesity is to take responsibility for it

Most say they want that, but when I say the words food addict, they cringe away. But if I can admit I’m one, then my clients must too. Although many of us have what I like to call efficient body types and gain weight easily, it is still our responsibility to take care of ourselves. If food is calling to you and you aren’t able to walk away, then you will have to come to terms with the fact that this is your battle too. Lucky for you, I’ve been fighting it for myself and others for years. It’s like a game of chess. The fat brain has its strategy and many years as the victor. Now, it is our turn to give the thin brain the knowledge and skill and take back control!

Frecs Before and Afters with Weight Loss Coach CarleneWhen I first started Raw Food Boot Camp®, as the ill-equipped weight loss coach that I was and was helping Frecs lose her 111 lbs, I was annoyed at her mother for a comment she made. She told Frecs: losing weight is easy, it’s keeping it off that’s hard. My come-back as the expert weight loss coach for the obese that I was, was: you can’t keep off what you don’t lose. Now after all these years, I agree with Frec’s mom, and focus boot camp on the premise that if we don’t change, the loss won’t last. So while we enjoy fast weight loss, we have to understand that it’s not permanent unless we make permanent changes. I’m not saying you have to diet your whole life, but none of us, not even me, can go back to our old ways.

That was hard to accept.

Now, as Your Weight Loss Coach I’m All About Change!

Now as a powerful weight loss coach, I am all about the change. My goal is for you to become a new person when it comes to food. Not that you have to be raw, vegan or even whole food forever, but you have to learn to stand up to yourself, break old habits, form new ones and cut the cord between emotions and food.

Don’t ask me to coddle. Don’t ask me to accept excuses. Understand me. Know that I care. Know that when I help people lose a hundred pounds and they won’t take the time to learn to maintain it, that it breaks my heart. If you hire me as your weight loss coach, I will push you to stand up to yourself. I will insist that you look at the reality of the choices you are making. I will force you to understand the consequences of not taking control of your food. And I will make you walk or equivalent if you can’t.

 Obesity is My Passion – Hope is what I Offer

Hope is an amazing thing. The very day raw food found me, I had lost all hope. I sat on my sofa believing there was nothing left, no way to rid myself of the hated fat suit. Like most of you, I had tried every diet out there and without starving myself or living in the gym, nothing worked. I have a bad heart, so I gave myself, at the time, maybe six more years and then figured I’d be gone. Sadly, it wasn’t such a horrid thought. Obesity had won and I no longer wanted to play and there was no obesity weight loss coach to help me.

Thank you, Woody Harrelson!

raw Woody Harrelson saves my life

This is the movie that saved my life

Whenever I’m sad, I rent movies to basically kill the time. That day I rented the movie After the Sunset with Pierce Bronson, Salma Hayek, and Woody Harrelson. It was an okay movie, but it was the outtakes that saved my life. In them, Woody introduces his raw chef and tries to get Pierce to drink a smoothie. To be honest, I don’t know which came first, the movie or the MSNBC article I read. It was short. It said: Raw Foodists are Thin But Have Strong Bones. Two times within a couple of days, just as I had lost hope, there was this new diet I didn’t know.

Hope, that was the magic of it. I wanted it to work. I needed it to work. And while my first go at it only lasted ten days. By the end of that month, my core believed so strongly that I had found what I always looked for that I went back to raw. Nine months later and a lot of hiking, I reclaimed my life with such robust health and wellness, even I had a hard time believing it was real.

A Weight Loss Coach is Created!

It was then that role of weight loss coach was thrust upon me by the women who had followed my weight loss journey. They insisted I help them. As I pondered this, my daughter reminded me I had sympathy for no one and that I could never have the patience to help others who didn’t do things the way I did. She may have been right. Maybe I couldn’t be the sweet, love and light, weight loss coach some wanted, but I could be drill sergeant weight loss coach!

Hope spread as I opened the doors to Raw Food Boot Camp® on December 28th, 2005 and was catapulted into my role as a weight loss coach. Twenty four women joined that day. Some of them still hang with me today.

Women from my first few years as a Weight Loss Coach

Obesity weight loss coach Carlene
Carlene Obesity Weight Loss Coach
Kara Obese Before with weight loss coach Carlene
Kara Obese After with weight loss coach Carlene
Kara 160 Pounds Gone
Stacy 136 Pounds Gone
<TxGirl Obesity Before weight loss coach Carlene
TxGirl Obesity After weight loss coach Carlene
TxGirl 60 Pounds Gone
Elisa Obese Before and After Start weight loss coach Carlene Elisa Obese After Front weight loss coach Carlene
Elisa 86 Pounds Gone
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Jan Obese Before Photo
Jan Obese After Photo
Jan 100 Pounds Gone
Paula Obese Before
Paula Obese After
Paula 83 Pounds Gone
Sarah Obese Before
Sarah Obese After
Sarah 88 Pounds Gone
Sheila Obese Before
Sheila Obese After
Sheila 76.5 Pounds Gone
Frecs Obese Before
Frecs Obese After
Frecs 111 Pounds Gone
Tina Obese Before
Tina Obese After
Tina 101 pounds Gone

Cheri – 63 lbs Gone

Cheri Obese AfterWe talked about the black hole of depression today.  The black hole that makes us not care and makes us eat.  Sometimes I have fallen into the hole by accident.  Other times I have defiantly jumped in.  No matter how many times I find myself into that hole, Carlene reaches in and pulls me out; thank God!  Today she said, “stay away from the black hole…..find happiness.”  Today I decided that Carlene is right.  The black hole only brings misery and pain.  Today I stayed away from the hole…..I didn’t even get near it.  Thank You Carlene!


I have always called her Miracle Jan

Jan obese before and aftersThe first year of Raw Food Boot Camp was amazing. Me as drill sergeant weight loss coach for the obese and the women who joined as willing soldiers in a great battle. The success was staggering. Of course, the most amazing change was with Jan. On Christmas of 2005, she sat in her chair, shaking and crying from the pain she suffered through her MS. Soon, her wheelchair was to arrive and steal her last vestige of hope. She believed she had seen her last Christmas.

Raw found her a little before us, but it was the higher fat, sodium and sugar raw and she hadn’t made many changes. She was one of the first to sign up to Raw Food Boot Camp® on Dec 28th, 2005.

A month and a half into RFBC, she walked a 5K! Four months into RFBC, she walked a 10K. Her MS was in remission, and she was on top of the world. She moved from a hospital bed in her living room back upstairs to be with her husband. Now, don’t get me wrong. It was hard work in the beginning. She would walk multiple times a day from her chair in the living room through the dining room, around the kitchen and back to her chair. It was painful, but she did it. Why? Because, like me, she had seen that glimmer of hope and believed in it.

Food is not a Cure-All

Food is not a cure-all, and it did not cure Jan of her MS. She recently wrote and said it was coming back. But it’s been over twelve years. She’s remained high raw and active. And will always be to me, that light in the window, the remembrance of the power of food and of hope. It is because of Jan I have never walked away from being a weight loss coach. I’ve seen the power of what we do, and I will never stop believing there are many more Jans out there just waiting to find us.

The next few years, we struggled. I made the mistake of listening to others. They felt I was too strict, more drill sergeant than sympathetic weight loss coach. They wanted to be coddled (something that seems to go against my nature). And they wanted more bananas, more nuts, more dates, etc. And no one was losing weight. Oh, they talked about it, but they wouldn’t do something about it. Raw Food Boot Camp® was more a social site than a diet. Until I took it back.

I know what works
I am a weight loss coach with drill sergeant tendencies!

I am not a therapist, I am not a medical professional. I am a woman who wants you to have what I have, but you have to be willing to work as hard for yourself as I am willing to work for you. With that said, I totally understand people have bad days, I get that, but I don’t get giving up. What weight loss coach with a passion for the obese could? That goes for those who come to work with me looking for improved health. If you sign up for accountability, I expect you to be accountable. If you sign up for challenges, I expect you to work hard toward them.

The rule at camp is you can fall, but you will only fail if you refuse to get back up.

Trust me when I say: I understand where you are coming from. I know how deep-rooted our food addictions are and how no one can change a lifelong eating habit overnight. I know the fears associated with changing how you eat, the struggles to get the support needed from family and friends, and the constant desire to just be normal and get to eat like everyone else. After all, I am a weight loss coach and health improvement coach who was morbidly obese herself and had to fight through the devastation of radiation and chemo. I get that at times it is just easier to give up and give in to a poor quality of life.

Over the years I have heard it all and learned that structure and accountability are the top reasons members join RFBC. They want someone to hold them to high expectations, and to call them on their screw ups. They also want someone who can listen and relate to their lives. I think that is what sets us apart from different weight loss groups and me apart from most weight loss coaches.

I know what it’s like to not fit in a chair or on a ride at the amusement park, to drive instead of fly because I was afraid I would have to buy two tickets, to not give blood because it required the nurse to hunt for the oversized cuff. I also get how much easier it to lay in bed or on the coach because it just hurts to live.

While I get it, I also know that our bodies need movement and if we don’t get up and walk if we don’t take charge of our lives, those of us plagued with obesity or other health issues will die young with many missed opportunities. But, with all my understanding, with my ability to listen and offer empathy when it is needed, I know that nothing is impossible for those who really want it.

Hire me as your weight loss coach or health improvement coach by becoming a member of Raw Food Boot Camp, but understand, I expect from all the members I support that they choose life over food. I don’t expect it to be easy. I don’t expect perfection, but I expect them to reach for it with all the strength they have.

If you really want to lose the weight and or increase the quality of your life and health, I am willing to fight tooth and nail with you to help you get there. It won’t be an easy ride for either of us, but it can be life-altering. If you really want this, then I have the patience and the tenacity to help you get it, but only if you are willing to give it your all and not ever use the word try. I am a firm believer in the word do.

You can learn much more about me by visiting www.IBeatObeisty.com, there you will find my weight loss journal and my passion for using raw food and exercise as a means of fast weight loss over gastric bypass surgery. You will also read why I chose raw foods as the diet for me and start to understand how and why I am your perfect weight loss coach.

Do You Have The Courage to Change?

Obesity and Poor Health are Not Okay!
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