This is a special program that runs for 3 months

This program has met its minimum participant requirements. We will take new members up until noon on Monday, July 19th.

Start date: July 19, 2021

End date: Oct 18, 2021

Cost: $149 per month or get 20% off and pay $358 for the 3 months

Requirements to Join: Whole Food Diet

Exercise: It’s up to you

Meal Plans: Carlene will help you with yours but this is your diet not hers.

Accountability: That’s up to you too, group participation is mandatory though.

First month you will have to send Carlene screen shots of your food log daily.

Weigh Ins on July 19th, August 18th, Sept 18th, Oct 18th

No photos required

Listen to Carlene’s audio about this program:


What you get:

  • Daily audios regarding what the team and individuals are dealing with.
  • Help from Carlene tweaking your whole food diet to suit your desires.
  • Group discussions on how to modify and compromise so we can eat well yet stay healthy and lose weight.

This is not a fast weight loss, raw food, vegan or any other type of eating plan. Whole foods for nourishment and to get our bodies working great again. It’s just easier to maintain weight on a whole foods food plan.

We will work under the assumption that 1500-1800 calories a day is where you can maintain or lose weight without a restrictive diet.

We will keep to 30% fat (RDA for women)

We will stay below 1500 mg of sodium a day (RDA for women)

No artificial sweeteners of any kind.

The first month you will have to track your food. This is essential to learn the truth behind the foods we eat.

This program is about us learning to compromise and learn to eat what our body needs and not what our messed up brains keep thinking we need. So no processed foods.

If man or woman made it, you don’t eat it! 🙂  ~Jack LaLane (paraphrased)

This program does require you to come with an open mind, to be here and work with us, and for you to be willing to work on bad food behaviors and habits.

The goal is to live a more natural life not dieting but just eating what makes you and your body thrive. We will work on upping our happiness factor when it comes to living and eating without overindulging or making poor nutritional choices.

We will work on not eating for emotions, boredom, stress or on impulse and how fully nourishing our bodies can help with all of that.

Yes, this program is work. Reshaping how our thinking works, how our bodies work, and learning to live happily without the restrictions of harsh diets we don’t ever want to follow doesn’t come naturally for us. So we need some rewiring done.

We will work on compromise and choice to accomplish this.

That means no fast food, not frozen highly salted food, no snack bars. Only foods you make yourself. Not anything others made. We will keep to that for about 80% of your total foods for each month. That allows for a couple of restaurant jaunts each month. But just a couple done with good choices.

If you are still interested in this program, ready to start on the 19th, and can commit to the full three months, use the form below to tell me of your interest. 

When this form is submitted, you will be taken to the payment page.
WL without Dieting Contact
Please retype your email address. I cannot reply to email addresses with your country designation at the end like .de so please use a gmail or other major email account.
I have listened to Carlene's Audio and read this page and have a good understanding of what this program is about. *
If I join, I can and will commit to do this for the full 3 months *


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