Whole Food Boot Camp Shopping List and Sample Menu

Important Must Read Info on the Rawk Starz Diet

Detox hits in your third or fourth week of this program. It feels like the flu for most with the most complaints regarding fatigue. It lasts about 4 days and when it passes you will enter a stable good. We don’t do high sugar or high fat, so it is more a stable good.

Many experience headaches the first week. This isn’t detox it is withdrawal from caffeine, sugar and even sodium.

Do not do a last splurge before starting this diet. That is a sure way to get gallstones. All low fat diets can cause gallstones. Don’t exacerbate it by having a high fat last day of food.

All fast weight loss causes hair loss. None of us enjoyed it, it did grow back, but it was a price to pay to lose 136 lbs in 9 months. We did not go bald. It was noticed by our hairdressers though. Remember, it’s not the diet but the body’s reaction to fast weight loss. The hair loss is not as fast on this diet as it is in our Rawk Starz program but it still happens.


Wholy Rawkers Food Image

  • 1200 calories per day
  • 10-20% Fat/day (10-15% is best) 26.6 max grams of fat per day
  • Min 10% Protein/day
  • Max 500 mg Sodium/day
  • 2 hours of walking a day is required. You can work up to this your first month at RFBC.


Shopping List

Click here to see a list of low glycemic load fruits

The produce section is wide open to you with the following exceptions:

No dates, figs, papaya, figs, durian, pomegranates or kiwis. Taste the grapes, if they are not tart, skip them as well. Bananas are limited to once a day. You’ll lose faster without them.

No nuts or seeds with the exception of hemp, chia or unroasted unsalted pumpkin seeds.

No potatoes, sweet or white, and no hard squashes like butternut or pumpkin. Yellow squash, zucchini and carrots are fine.

No soy anything including sauces and miso.

Oil or avocado in tiny amounts are okay if slower weight loss is okay. No more than 35 calories a day combined.

All those superfood powders slow weight loss. For optimal weight loss give them up until maintenance.

No protein drinks that includes hemp protein powder. No powder anything.

No coconut anything including coconut milk.

You can however have:

All the low glycemic fruits and veggies you want cooked or raw.

Almond or cashew milk, but it must be the original with no more than 40 cal per serving. And it is one serving a day.

Hemp (start with crushed hemp hearts, Nutivia’s tastes best). While avocado is a good fat source, it is limited to 35 calories per day.

A little oil for salads is okay, no more than 35 calories from it and then no avocado that day, but you would do better to make salsa for your dressing. There are some dressing recipes at camp, but not many. Some just squeeze orange over their salads.

Beans, lentils, quinoa.

Lean animal protein such as eggs, chicken, fish.


Meal Plans

I don’t offer meal plans. Everyone eats differently at camp. Some eat two big meals a day, some eat six small meals, others eat in between. Our food is simple. The best thing to do is go to the nutritional analysis program you are using, and start putting in the different fruits and veggies you have on hand and see how you can get to our golden 1200 calories a day. Then print that out and have it with you. Schedule the food throughout the day so you don’t come back at the end of the day telling me you didn’t eat enough.

Those doing orientation, if you need help with this, I will be more than happy to guide you.

Here are a few samples of a Whole Food Boot Camp day of food.


Typical Day for Member who Dropped 16 lbs her first 11 Days at WFBC

Start Weight: 221 lbs

Diet is very close to Rawk Starz Diet but with cooked veggies

She was working on getting her walking up to WFBC standards

Nutritional Database: MyFitnessPal.com phone app


Typical Day for Member who Dropped 11.2 lbs her first 11 Days at WFBC

Start Weight: 257.2 lbs

A typical Whole Food Diet

She was working on getting her walking up to WFBC standards

Nutritional Database: www.MyFitnessPal.com


Typical Day for Member who Dropped 7.6 lbs her first 11 Days at WFBC

Start Weight: 178.5 lbs

A typical Whole Food Diet

She was working on getting her walking up to WFBC standards

Nutritional Database: www.MyFitnessPal.com

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