RFBCs Whole Food Diet

What is a whole food diet?

It means you start your food from scratch. No packaged or prepared foods. A whole food diet is one where when you grocery shop, you pick up fresh produce, fresh meats, fish, eggs, and dairy. Then you go home and prepare the food yourself. Just like our foremothers did.

whole food diet at Raw Food Boot Camp

Healthwise a whole food diet is so much better for all of us. No preservatives, no natural flavorings, no corn syrup no ungodly amounts of sodium, msg or all those things we can’t pronounce, never mind understand where they came from.

Jack Lalane, exercise legend and godfather of fitness, had a saying. “If man made it, I don’t eat it.” As a sickly kid at 15, he changed his life around after seeing how ill his parents were and took on a whole food diet and exercise program. Back then there wasn’t a vegan movement, no raw foodists, just a man who discovered health through eating healthy whole foods and exercise and understood the need to share that knowledge. He should be every dieter’s hero.

Who Needs a Whole Food Diet?

Just about everyone!

We live in a society of ill-health. From obesity to increased diabetes, fibromyalgia, heart disease, you name, we’ve got it. And if we look at our diets and the amount of toxins we put in our bodies, it becomes clear. We became what we ate! Yes, fast food is convenient. Yes, food packagers have us addicted to high fat, high sugar and high sodium. And yes, we are busy, but is a whole food diet that hard? Are we not worth the higher level of health it will bring? So the answer is, if you’re reading this, then you need a whole food diet.

Listen to Carlene explain our Whole Food Diet to members on Feb 21st 2018 in her daily audio.

What is RFBC’s Whole Food Diet?

At RFBC we deal with obesity, insulin resistance, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, RA, PCOS and diabetes so we have to modify our whole food diet to keep it anti-inflammatory and low glycemic. This does place restrictions on what you eat depending on your reasons for doing a whole food diet.

For PCOS, insulin resistance or diabetes

No homemade breads or pies! No chocolate puddings or pork ribs. And no mashed potatoes sweet or white. You need to keep your glycemic index and glycemic load low for success.

For inflammation, fibromyalgia, auto-immune disease and RA

You want to keep away from gluten and other inflammatory foods. Cut way back on sodium. Those with auto-immune disease need to read up on tomatoes and why they are bad for you.

For vascular issues including vascular dementia

No trans fats. More plant-based foods and no complex carbs like potatoes. Bring that sodium down.

For Weight Loss

Keep your calories in the 1200 k per day. Up or down by a hundred or so kcal is fine.

Keep your fat% below 20%. The RDA is 30%, we can live so much healthier with less.

Keep your sodium in mg below 750 mg. The RDA for a woman is 1300 mg. Beat the salt cravings by only getting your sodium from your whole foods. Not a salt shaker.

What Do We Recommend for a Whole Food Diet at RFBC?

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Same as we always have. Low fat, low sodium, low sugar whole foods. Eat fish, especially salmon for your animal protein. Limit meats. Use them as condiments in water based stir-fries and go for low-fat or better yet, no-fat dairy if you need it.

We recommend half your calories each day come from low glycemic load fruits and veggies.

And we don’t juice, yes I know Jack was into juicing but he was never obese and did not have sugar issues.

The most important thing you need to do is create a whole food diet that works for you.

Things to take into consideration when creating your whole food diet

Why are you choosing a whole food diet?

If for health, which foods am I willing to live without in exchange for better health?

If for weight loss, how fast do I need to lose to stay motivated? And like for those doing this for health, which foods am I willing to live without in exchange for a thin healthy body?

Work With Carlene One-On-One to develop your whole food diet!

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Looking for something in between our Raw Food and Whole Food diets? Listen to this audio on our Rawkinator and Butt Kicker Plans. This audio is from our Feb 22, 2018 daily audio.

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