Working With Carlene Membership

$169 per 4 Weeks Shared Photos – $219 per 4 Weeks No Photos

I have been doing this a long time. My passion is obesity and to help those serious about doing this, getting it done and truly changing.

I require you keep a daily log of your food and exercise with me and weigh in every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

I expect you to work with me each day through your journey on everything as it comes up.

My main goal of Raw Food Boot Camp® is to inspire obese women to choose food, not surgery or drugs or liquid diets, for them to find health and understand the changes needed to keep the weight off once it’s gone.

Membership is based on a 4 Week Cycle. To continue working with me, I must believe you are putting effort into the change and commitment it takes to be successful. That means asking for support from me and others when you struggle and not asking for forgiveness instead of permission. To work with me, you must participate at camp daily. You and I must believe our work together is moving you forward to your goals.

It is okay to do our Work With Carlene Program for 4 Weeks then drop back to Group Only or vise versa.

I do not ask for or expect perfection. I insist on transparency and best effort and that you trust me, our diets. I look overall for commitment and a true readiness to get this done once and for all ~Carlene


  • Need to lose 40+ lbs.
  • Committed to doing this. That requires treating RFBC like a part-time job. I’m not one who believes in excuses. Work with Me for Success.
  • Must comply to either Rawk Starz, Rawkinator, Butt Kicker, or Wholy Rawkers diet as they are designed, no deviations except for Anti-D, Diabetes or Pain Management as approved of by Carlene pre-joining)
  • Must listen to Daily Audios
  • Must participate daily in the Daily Discussion.
  • Must walk a minimum of 1 hour a day.
  • To Maintain this membership, you need to be here daily, maintain your daily accountability log daily, and lose at least 6 new lbs a month. I have little patience for complacency. If you are going to pay to work with me, then getting the weight off is important. While you are committed to success, I am committed to you. When you give up on that commitment, it is time to drop down to Group Only.
  • There is now a 3 Day, AWOL policy. Don’t show up for 3 Days without notifying me and you will forfeit your membership and its fees


  • Social Network and all its benefits
  • All the same benefits as Group Only
  • Daily Log with Carlene (tracking food and exercise daily in this log is mandatory)
  • Carlene guides your journey and helps with your struggle daily. Remember, it is her job to make you question your struggles and learn from them.
  • Ability to email or Personal Message Carlene whenever you need to (she will respond as soon as possible, but this is not an immediate response type of support. It could take hours. Use our Hour by Hour or War Within group for more immediate support).


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